heeeeeeeey any wannabe-seiyuu english-language anime dub voiceover girls please hit me up because i need a quick spoken word for a song. i will paypal you some buxx or something idk

or if you know someone who does this, send them my way

please inbox me with a link to any previous work you’ve done. if you’re a noob and an amateur that’s a million percent ok




Hahaha omg i don’t think i’ve submitted a picture online since like, ages :0 But no your music always inspires me to draw so i’d thought you’d like to see my latest work :’)
Defs message me if you like it, want to see more or want something changed k :3

(wowwww so sick! if you change the logo on the beanie to my new logo (the worlds kaomoji) i will post it to twitter riiight away. thanks for this awesome thing! also, i don’t know how to reply privately to submissions so i’m just posting)